Made-in-Washington Silfab Solar

Silfab solar panels

Manufactured in Washington

As the largest and most advanced manufacturer in North America, 100% of Silfab employees are based in Bellingham & Toronto manufacturing Buy American approved solar panels specifically designed, and dedicated to, the North American market. 

35+ Years of Experience

Silfab leverages over 35 years of solar experience spanning the entire vertical solar value chain including wafers, ingots, R&D, engineering and product innovation. 

Warranty You Can Trust

Warranties You Can Trust – Silfab's solar panels have outperformed their warranties resulting in an industry leading, 25-year product workmanship and 30-year performance warranties.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

Silfab’s full-automation utilizes precision engineering at every stage. Superior reliability & performance combine to produce one of the highest quality modules with the lowest defect rate in the industry.