Customer Testimonials

"Work accomplished when they said it would.  Longest delay was waiting for the state inspector.  System production is what they said it would be.  Very happy."

—Jack W., Bremerton, WA

"it has been a blessing to find a company that not only provides an excellent product, but has exemplary customer service as well.  In light of the complexity of a PV system, this process of installation and system use, has been extremely smooth."

—Cathy H., Olalla, WA

"We have witnessed global climate change in our lives and believe in the idea that a green revolution can reverse our planet's course and rebuild our world economy. We chose solar as a proven, vetted, clean renewable energy source for our home. Until the multiple incentives came out, we could not afford solar panels. Sunergy, in collaboration with its community partners, is our local avante garde in educating Seattle about what is not only possible, but what is critical to saving our planet. We won't pay for electricity for the next 25 years and every sunny day is money in our pocket!"

—Julian P., Seattle, WA

"Completely on time, professional and friendly. Everything was done perfectly!"

—Karen F., Seattle, WA

"Sunergy was great to work with, totally professional but highly enthusiastic about solar power. I felt heard, cared for as a customer and confident in the advice I was getting from Greg and everyone on the team."

—Mike Buchman, Seattle WA

"This is something I've wanted to do for a long time. After going to the December workshop, and loving the on-site visit confirming that I had an ideal location, I decided to go for it. The installation went smoothly and I'm now a proud solar producer. Now my next dream is a heat pump and/or an electric car."

—Elaine Hickman, Seattle WA

"The system went in as planned.  The initial meeting was thorough, the second meeting more indepth and they improved the panel roof layout for future four-story condo next door."

—P. Carroll-Crippen, Seattle, WA

"100% satisfied! I dealt with 7 Sunergy Systems employees in the course of the process, they were not only highly competent, but truly appealing people who were a pleasure to deal with. Everything about the process went exactly according to plan. After the install they are still readily available!"

—W. Stump, Seattle, WA

"Sunergy did a great job! The whole process was very smooth and easy. They were very responsive during the project. When the electrician threw the switch it was cool watching my house "fall off the grid" and start supplying power to the city."

—P. Vickers, Seattle WA

"Thank you Sunergy for what I call my "Mini-Maxi System". While the economic value penciles out well and good, knowing it's a good quality system that's professionally installed on my roof and that you stand behind it is priceless." 

—C. Caster, Seattle WA

"Thank you for the utmost professional experience. From our salesman, Greg Williams to the crew that installed our solar panels. Everyone was open to questions and answered them fully. The PSE meter rep had nothing but good to say about the company. Our expectations are high and will no doubt be met." 

—Joanne Joynt, Port Orchard, WA

“Sunergy Systems has performed in an exceptional manner throughout our project. I received a timely and competitive bid, all permits and modifications were agreed upon prior to starting work. There were no surprises, or issues that came up related to Sunergy. When there were two minor issues related to permitting that were due to omissions on my part, Sunergy took care of them and continued with the installation. I couldn't be happier with the system, service or timeliness.” 

—TJ Mead, Port Townsend, WA

"i'm very satisfied with the system that Sunergy installed for me.  Everyone I worked with was very professional, friendly and helpful. The installation went very smoothly and the system is operating as expected. Greg was extremely helpful in explaining how everything worked and answering all my questions. The system generates more than half of all the power we use! I would definitely recomment Sunergy to anyone looking to add a solar power system to their home."

—Mark Dexter, Seattle WA

"Greg Williams of Sunergy Systems gave us excellent advice and service. The installation crew were very diligent and helpful, accomplishing a perfect job. Jon Lange answered all technical questions. I am completely satisfied so far! Please keep your presence on the Olympic Peninsula."

—EM, Sequim, WA

"Sunergy has been excellent in all phases of this project.  I have no complaints and lots of kudos.  They have done as well for me as they are also doing for this planet!"

—Rick Meyer, Seattle

"Starting with my solar water heating system installed a couple years ago through to my just installed photovoltaic system, Sunergy Systems has taken care of everything. Professional, courteous and the end result speaks for itself. Thanks for making solar easy and affordable."

—Paul Hollobon, Renton, WA

"Sunergy made the process of converting to solar remarkably easy. The explanations and detail were thorough but comprehensible. The crew worked around our family of six and were incredibly patient with the world's most inquisitive 5-year old. I cannot say enough positive things about the professionalism and sensitivity to family needs of every single person we've encountered on the Sunergy staff."

—Rosie Clark, Puyallup, WA

"We are pleased with the whole process from beginning to end.  If we ever plan on adding to our system in the future, Sunergy Systems will be the ones we'll call!"

—Donn & Sabine Walter, Federal Way, WA

"Sunergy Systems did a great job on design and install of our solar hot water and PV systems - simply a great company to work with.  Thanks, Aimee, for your time, effort, and sunny disposition! :)"

—Frank Rossi, Vashon Island, WA

"I LOVE watching my meter spin backwards! Everyone at Sunergy was communicative, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. We had an exceptionally positive (as well as educational) experience and would recommend Sunergy without reservation to anyone interested in saving money and saving the environment."

—Bill Schnall, Shoreline, WA

"It is great to be contributing to our energy independence and saving money too!"

—Dave Carpenter, Bellingham, WA

"We chose Sunergy Systems to install our solar PV array because of the quality of the materials they use and because they take care of absolutely every detail; including permits and filing with the city utility company. All of the Sunergy employees who came to our home to work on the installation were not only courteous and professional, but they also respected our home and landscaping (that means they cleaned up after themselves!). In two days, we had a system that was installed and ready to go. The entire process went off without a hitch. I am recommending Sunergy Systems to anyone who might be considering installing solar PV electricity or solar hot water. They know what they're doing and stand behind their work."

—Becky Wood, Seattle, WA

"I would like to thank you for the professional installation and customer service skills your crew showed us. I was so pleased to find out the conduit coming down from the roof was large enough to handle all of the additional wires needed as we expand the system. In many cases I have seen installation having to be redone because of increasing the capacity or function of the installation. It will be nice when we expand the system in 2011 that all that will be required will be the addition panels and some wiring work. It was also great to see levels and chalk strings being used to insure everything was square. Nothing worse then paying a large sum for an install and it looks like something I had done for the first time."

—Steve S., Sedro Wooley, WA

"I am thrilled with my solar system. The process was painless and sunny days make me really, really happy now. The folks at Sunergy are amazing; very helpful, friendly and low-key. I never felt pressured, never felt uninformed."

—SB, Stanwood, WA

"From the initial presentation, the bid offering process, the design layout, the installation of all high-quality components and the final inspection and signing off of the project, I found the presonnel of Sunergy Systems a very dedicated, professional group with attention to detail. My association as a customer of Sunergy Systems is a very satisfactory experience.  Highly commendable to all."

—RA, Seattle, WA

"We were impressed with the technical knowledge and the positive attitude of the installers. This is a quality company which we would recommend to other people. Aimee was very helpful. Her abiltiy to educate is impressive."

—Jan Jeppson, Bonney Lake, WA

"We cut our utility bill by 56% over last year!!! This is the first time I've ever looked forward to receiving a bill! All the folks at Sunergy were a pleasure to work with. They took the time to answer all our questions and made us feel confident in making our decision to go solar."

—Sylvia Summers, Tacoma, WA

"I have long thought of getting a solar array but costs were prohibitive.  That all changed when I contacted Sunergy.  They were very affordable.  The installation was quick and well done.  I will definitely refer anyone who inquires about my system to Sunergy"

—Gordon Russell, Sammamish, WA

"We were delighted and impressed with the informative briefing on a solar system by Jesse & then again quite pleased with the quality installation work of Nick & Eric who collaborated well w/ our roofers."

—Bob & Sylvana R., Edmonds, WA

"It runs backward daily. I had a bunch of friends over the other day and when I took them out to see the meter, it was cranking away. One of them decided he wanted a system, too."

—Craig Berg, Seattle, WA

"We appreciate the personalized attention Sunergy Systems gave us in evaluating our energy usage as well as designing an efficient layout for panels to accommodate the terrain and needs for future access to the roof. The 30 year estimate Sunergy Systems drew up for us showed our power savings, our public tax incentives, and our solar rebate. We are excited about "going solar" because it gives us a sense of making a difference--somehow impacting global warming. It is also fun to think of ourselves as a neighborhood power station."

—Chuck Richards, Seattle, WA

"They did the quote, did the layout, showed up and had it installed in a day. The inspector came the next day. It's pretty awesome. I was surprised to see that I put out a kilowatt on a really dark rainy October day. My wife and I researched our solar installation for several months. Sunergy Systems has been incredibly helpful, from technical questions and installation thru the final hookup and all the paperwork necessary to making the system pay for itself. They have offered assistance in locating financing and customer referrals to help me sleep better at night once I signed the paperwork! My neighbors find the system attractive and I have been able to offset my electricity usage by around 30%."

—James Smithhart, Normandy Park

"The most exciting part is walking by on a sunny day and hearing that meter whirr backwards."

—KR, Arlington, WA

"These guys, at each step of the way, have done what they said they would do."

—LD, Seattle, WA

"I just wanted to take a minute and express how much I appreciate the professionalism and know-how of Jesse Hunter and Jon Lange. To date, we have installed two PV systems, and have plans to install at least two more. In each instance, Jesse and Jon have been great to work with, followed through with what they promised, and thoroughly impressed both myself and my customers. Thank you."

—Graham Black, owner of gProjects llc

"My experience with Sunergy was totally favorable. The staff were great. The solar panels were activated on the summer solstice. I have just reviewed the first six months performance of the system and the financial analysis from Sunergy appears to be quite accurate. With a 4.1 kw array, my wife and I now produce the majority of our electricity with solar energy. It feels so good to be able to do something about greenhouse emissions ourselves."

—Daniel Paull

"Sunergy Systems did a great and professional installation of my solar system. It was the easiest and most consumer-friendly part of my house construction project. It is also the smartest decision I've made to secure my future. Everyone at Sunergy Systems was a pleasure to work with from start to finish."

—RS, Yelm, WA

"The Sunergy Team is a talented group of engineers and PV specialists. No task from site arrangements, regulatory approval, or utility connections raised the least difficulty and the installation of our PV system was on time and finished with not a hitch. Performance exceeds expectations at this time!"

—Crawford Beck Vineyard 17.3kW System

"We had a 10 KW photovoltaic system and a 40 tube Apricus solar hot water system installed in the summer of 2008 at our home in Snohomish. Sunergy Systems both designed and installed the system and I can only say wonderful things about their sales, engineering and installation staff. The advice we were given about the two systems was accurate and Sunergy went out of their way to make the whole process as easy as possible. The install proceeded as planned, on schedule. Snohomish PUD’s involvement was the slowest part of the whole process. The system has exceeded my expectations for the last seven months. On a sunny day a week or so before the winter solstice the panels put out over 20 KWhr and the solar heater was up to temperature by mid morning despite an air temperature in the low 40’s. For the first three months the solar provided all of our hot water needs (our oil fired boiler was simply switched off until early October). I would highly recommend Sunergy to any prospective customer."

—Martin J. Pointon, Snohomish, WA

"The pros at Sunergy did a great job explaining everything to us and working with us to find the best system to meet our needs and fit our roof. The installation was the best construction experience we have had in the 10 years we have owned our house. On time, on budget, friendly, helpful. We love watching our meter run backward!"

—DF, Kirkland, WA

"The people we worked with at Sunergy were great! Knowledgeable, professional, easy to contact and polite. This was the best contractor I have ever worked with on anything (and we have done a lot of remodeling at our home). Everything was on time and on budget, no mess left behind, no problems. It was fun to have them around!"

—FA, Kirkland, WA

"I was very impressed with the overall installation and quality of workmanship from Sunergy Systems staff.  Not only was the project done well, but all of the staff were very customer service oriented, hard working, professional, and easy to work with.  I have already had the opportunity to share my personal observations of the good work by Sunergy Systems with another interested engineering firm asking me about the project here at Tacoma Community College.  It was a pleasure sharing with them the positive experience we had having Sunergy Systems do the design and installation of the system on our campus.  I would not hesitate having Sunergy do another project on our campus if given the opportunity to do so, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who contacts me asking about our recently installed Solar Power system."

—Clint Steele, Tacoma Community College