Solar City Attacks Washington State’s Solar Legislation!

Beware of recent anti-solar misinformation attack ads propagated by Solar City and their shell organization, The Alliance for Solar Choice. You might have seen these misinformation ads on Facebook and most recently played on the radio. They tell you that the current solar legislation is anti-solar when in all actuality it will be a Nation leading solar incentive program!
Why might they be doing this… because these big box out-of-state solar corporations rely solely on solar leasing. The new bill does provide provisions for leasing but also has consumer protection which discloses many critical leasing pitfalls. Solar City and The Alliance for Solar Choice do not want this disclosure since many educated people will opt to own their own systems and they fear this sets a precedence for the rest of the country.  At the end of this article is a great rebuttal by Representative Cindy Ryu (D-32)!
Here’s what Solar City and The Alliance for Solar Choice don’t want you to know and why owning your own system is better than leasing it:

  • A lease is a 10-year contract, if you sell your home before the contract term ends, you could be hit with tens of thousands of dollars in termination fees.
  • You do not own the solar energy system and cannot chose to have Made-In-USA equipment. The cheapest overseas equipment is used with no consideration to environmental regulations, living wages and equipment lifespan beyond the 10-year contract term.
  • You forfeit all incentives such as 30% Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC), the 9.5% State Sales Tax Exemption, and $10,000 to $27,000 in State incentives, depending on the system size.
  • Zero percent of system installation supports the State’s economy and local solar industry. This includes the State’s incentives, the Federal ITC, State Sales Tax Exemption, and supporting the State’s solar industry.

To learn more about the benefits of owning your own system and how simple it is to go solar contact us now.  Help put an end to this misinformation campaign by sharing this critical solar post on Facebook now.
The following is a letter published recently from Washington State Representative Cindy Ryu (D-32) addressing citizen concerns and questions in response to campaigns voicing opposition to this legislation. Reprinted with permission.

"Thank you for contacting me about HB 1912, an act relating to distributed generation.
Many of you have voiced your concern and your opposition to this bill. For this reason, I am taking the opportunity to clarify any misinformation you may have received.
This bill is about Washington State providing consumer protection to our citizens while increasing the uptake of solar energy in our state. There has been misinformation about the bills direction to end net metering.  HB 1912 does not change the net metering law as it exists today.  The bill does look at revising the existing solar program available to Washington state citizens in a manner that would result in increasing the clean energy options for our state. In addition, the bill allows options for individuals to find and secure financing for solar systems but does so without sacrificing consumer protection. Yes, solar is an important and growing renewable energy source for Washingtonians but achieving the individual goal of solar power should not be at the expense of consumer protection.
SolarCity has contacted many of you and provided misinformation. This syndicate is a large California Corporation that is using its massive resources against the best interests of our State. SolarCity and its syndicate of companies have become so afraid of basic consumer protection they have chosen to run a campaign of disinformation about HB 1912. I urge you to do a news search yourself on SolarCity Business Practices.
The green leaning podcast called the Energy Gang has had several sessions on solar. This one in particular shares some perspective on consumer issues around leasing.
Also if you think solar installers based in Washington State are a credible source, please check out their thoughts on a previous version of HB 1912. Here’s an additional opinion. 

Thank you for contacting me on this important issue.  I will always do my best to protect the interests and the values of our district’s citizens."

Help put an end to this misinformation campaign by sharing this critical solar post on Facebook now.