Residential Home Solar Power Benefits

 Protect the environment by producing your own clean energy.  

The fossil fuels that are most commonly used to generate electricity produce toxic emissions that pollute our environment and are thought to contribute to climate change.  These sources are rapidly being depleted and will become increasingly expensive.  Home solar power is a truly clean and renewable energy source.

Contribute to your own and national energy independence. 

Solar panels for your home lets you produce and own your own power and reduce our country’s dependence on foreign fuel sources.

Reduce your electric bills. 

With residential solar power you can greatly reduce or completely eliminate your electric bills.  You own your home; with home solar power you can also own your power!

Protect against future utility rate increases. 

In the Puget Sound area, utility rates have increased an average of 5% annually for the last five years.  With power generation resources diminishing and demand rising, utility rates in many areas could triple over the next ten years!

Increase the value of your home with a solar power system. 

According to a 1998 Appraisal Journal Article, a home’s value increases $20,000 for every $1000 reduction in annual energy costs.

Watch your meter spin backwards. 

All solar electricity generated that is not used at time of generation will be fed back to the utility grid, so that your green power can be used by other people.  During these times your utility meter will actually run backwards so that you are credited for this power via net metering.

Let the government help pay for your system. 

Attractive financial incentives from the state and federal governments greatly reduce the cost of your home solar power system.  You won’t have to pay state sales tax on your solar system.  We will handle all the paperwork for these incentives for you.

Contact the residential solar power experts at Sunergy Systems to reduce or completely eliminate your electric bills and help protect the environment!