Sunergy Systems is one of only three authorized SolarWorld installers in the State of Washington!


Rated #1 in independent performance testing!

SolarWorld is committed to manufacturing in the United States and makes use of the superior automation technology and employee productivity available here.  They’re proud to promote local economies and energy independence.  While many products claiming to be “made in the USA” are merely assembled from imported components, SolarWorld makes Sunmodules entirely in the USA from American-made raw materials and components.

Industry leader

As the largest solar PV manufacturer in the United States since 1977, SolarWorld has the technology and market experience to bring you the best possible PV system. 

  • Vertically integrated from raw silcon to modules, kits, and systems.
  • Developed the first grid-connected PV systems in the world.
  • Were the first to offer UL-listed modules.
  • Were the first to offer a 25-year warranty.
  • SolarWorld established the SolarMaterials recycling subsidiary in 2001 and was the first to recycle whole obsolete modules.

100 percent PV

SolarWorld is dedicated exclusively to the business of solar energy and combines all stages of the solar photovoltaic (PV) value chain from raw silicon to solar wafers and cells to modules, kits and turn-key solar power plants.  SolarWorld is making PV a mainstream energy choice throughout the Americas by continually improving performance while lowering equipment and installation costs for both on and off-grid applications.

30 years of experience

After 30 years of experience our systems have proven durability.  With the acquisition of Shell Solar’s crystalline business in 2006, SolarWorld brought onboard three decades of solar history in America.  Previously known as ARCO Solar and Siemens Solar, SolarWorld’s Camarillo, California factory was one of the first solar PV companies in the world.  SolarWorld has since more than tripled the capacity of this facility and opened North America's largest wafer and cell factory in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Help for underdeveloped nations

SolarWorld’s non-profit arm, Solar2World, brings the benefits of clean sustainable solar energy to underdeveloped areas around the world.  Solar2World has already helped villagers in China and Africa gain access to electricity and the economic and social benefits it brings.  Projects in Latin America are underway now.