Silicon Energy

Made in Washington Solar!

Silicon Energy is a Made in Washington solar partner dedicated to providing long-term, sustainable business within the community since 2007 and committed to helping make solar the mainstream energy resource.  Silicon Energy is located in Marysville, WA and in 2009 was the first solar module manufacturer in the State of Washington.  This creates opportunity to take full advantage of the Washington State incentive program.  Within the program, you can receive the highest rate of payback using made in Washington products until the year 2020.  All the reason to go solar now with made in Washington products!

The Cascade Series is a unique "glass-on-glass" photovoltaic (PV) module designed with a 40+ year lifespan against the industry standard of 25 years and it is noted for negligible performance degradation.  The glass-on-glass construction also makes the module one of the most aesthetically pleasing and different from other modules on the market, creating the opportunity for untraditional module applications such as carports, patio covers and building awnings. For more information about our Silicon Energy shade structures, visit our Solar Shading Structures page.

PV Module Features:

  • Strong and durable glass on glass construction
  • Six bypass diodes per module provide improved performance in partial shade
  • Highest fire rating - Class A
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • 40+ year lifespan
  • 30-year limited power warranty and 5-year materials and workmanship warranty

Solar Inverter System Features:

  • Qualifies for Washington State Solar Incentives
  • Years of proven reliability in domestic and international markets
  • High Efficiency Performance
  • LCD display: The system performance is easily monitored on the front of the unit

Edmonds CSC

Sunergy Systems installed a 4.2kW Silicon Energy system on The Frances Anderson Center as part of the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative.  All 4.2kW are locally owned by 36 charter members.  Plans for phase 2 are in the works, which will increase the number of charter members along with the system size. (Pictured left)

A 5.1kW Silicon Energy system was installed on this home in Monroe, WA. Silicon energy was selected for aesthetic look and the life span and durability. (Pictured right)