Washington’s EV Development Could Progress Very Quickly

Washington's EV Development Could Progress Very Quickly

In 2010, then Governor Chris Gregoire announced the development of "that nation's first true electrified highway".  This technological advance in highway travel connects Oregon to Canada along the I-5 corridor.  However in 2013, things began to stall despite the fact that more Teslas were sold in our state than any other.  

Here are a few things that might help turn that around:

  • Extend the sales tax exemption past the first half of 2015.
  • Adding more charging stations along I-5, which is a cheaper way the movement.
  • Fund a few more DC stations along the freeways to encourage more people to go with an EV.
  • Remove the extra taxation for EVs and extend the sales tax exemption to motorcycles as well.
  • Encourage WA to purchase their own fleets of EVs, taking advantage of the GSA schedule.
  • Put on more Ride-and-drive events, outreach and community events.  

Plug-in America Director Chad Schwitters had this to say,"Washington has very near the highest per-capita EV adoption rate.” Schwitters explained. “I think it’s partly due to the fact that we have a lot of software people up here. Engineers are likely to have both the money and temperament to be early adopters. We also have a sales tax exemption, which is significant because the tax rate is almost 10%. It applies to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), not Plugin Hybrid Electric vehicles, which may be why BEVs sell much better here.”

in reference to our state, Schwitters continued, “The state has no petroleum resources. But we do have abundant wind and rain, and while we don’t have whole mess of solar hours, the temperatures and angles actually work out pretty good for panels here. Greenhouse gasses in the area, unlike other parts of the country, are primarily from cars. Most of the population lives near Puget Sound, which is very sensitive to petroleum runoff – a huge problem with ICE vehicles."  

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