Cut Energy Use and Stay Warm and Save Money

From a recent Seattle Times article.

A typical single American family accrues an average annual energy bill of $2,200. 

Here are some ways to reduce that:

  • Make your need for heating, cooling and lighting as lean as possible!
  • The average home leaks enough air to fill a hot-air balloon in a matter of three hours, prevent any leaks by sealing and insulating well.
  • Higher performance windows let in the warm sunshine in the winter while shading in the summer, and providing another level of good insulation.
  • Do your research and install appliances that are make efficient use of your water and electricity.
  • LED bulbs have a quarter-century lifespan and are 75% more efficient that incandescent bulbs, which have now been banned.
  • Get your independence and go solar!  After initial system costs, solar is FREE because it runs off clean, unregulated sunshine!  Solar panels have come down lately, and Seattle receives more sun energy than Germany, which leads the world’s solar market.
  • Mark the Northwest Green Home Tour on your calendar to learn more!  April 26th