Itek Energy

The high performance, high quality and affordable solar solution

The introduction of the Made-in-Washington Itek Energy photovoltaic module is great news for Washington State!  Itek Energy’s new state-of-the-art 30 megawatt manufacturing facility in Bellingham helps support Washington States' economy by creating high-tech jobs and now another option to take full advantage of Washington States' Incentive Programs.  Washington State has one of the highest payback incentives of any state in the country and Itek Energy allows you to reap the $0.21 per kWh production incentive per year, compared to $0.16 per kWh with Out-of-State products.  Right now is the best time to go solar!

Itek Energy is more than just the incentives

Performance- High Efficiency Mono Crystalline Cells along with plus tolerance power rating.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - With a 25 Year Power Output Warranty and 10 Year Workmanship Warranty, rest assured that this is a solid investment.Itek's New Bellingham Facility

Quality Control - In addition to rigorous in-house quality tests, Itek Energy’s modules are certified by a leading national and international solar energy testing laboratory.

Tailored Efficiency - Itek Energy solar modules are manufactured with quality components specifically designed for maximum efficiency in the Northwest climate.

Local Leaders - The Itek team has extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and solar panel manufacturing.

High-Tech Manufacturing - Itek Energy’s products are manufactured using precision robotic technology, which ensures accuracy, quality and durability.