Solar is a great investment!


Using made in Washington State solar modules and inverters many commercial systems can realize a 7 year payback along with a 9% IRR (Internal Rate of Return) by the time the State’s incentive program expires in July of 2020, five years from now.

Solar panels protect your commercial business against rising electricity costs

Minimize the effects of rising electric power costs from utility companies.  With power generation resources diminishing and demand rising, rates in many areas could triple over the next ten years if rate increases continue at a pace similar to the last few years.

Solar commercial tax credits and rebates.

Through the end of 2016, the federal government could potentially pay for 60% of the cost of your solar power system.  Washington State has an additional solar cost incentive that turns your system into a positive cash flow generator every year.  Solar power is now more affordable and has more financial incentives for businesses than ever before.

Reduce your electric bill.

Whatever your energy consumption, Sunergy Systems can design and install a solar electric power system that will reduce the amount of electricity you currently purchase.

Market your environmental responsibility. 

Show your customers and the media that you are committed to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices.  Consumer demand for environmentally responsible business practices has never been greater.