Commercial Solar Process


We begin our assessment with a quantitative analysis of your historical utility usage and billing data.  We then evaluate how solar will offset your most expensive electric rates along with offsetting projected annual energy rate increases from your utility provider.

Sunergy Systems will do an in-depth analysis of your energy bill, state and regional incentives, along with the federal tax incentives to answer the question that all businesses have.  Does the projected return on your investment make it financially feasible to install solar power at your company?  If not, we will tell you.

If your company's facility shows financial potential for solar generation, we will perform a preliminary Site Audit to determine the best location for your system.  We will then generate a customized proposal that summarizes your project which will include:  project cost and financial rate of return, 10-year annual cash flow chart, energy output and impact on your business's electric bill, construction timeline and other specifics about your system.

Sunergy Systems has extensive experience in analyzing corporate and commercial sites.  Our financial experts and engineers have developed sophisticated software to project your solar savings and revenue.  We will provide you with an extensive, detailed financial analysis that will show you the real world annual ROI that your solar system will provide.


Sunergy Systems will evaluate the most crucial decision, the best array attachment methodology to your facility's roof.  The wrong approach on a flat roof can result in major future problems.  This determination should only be made by professionals with a solid track record of proven success.  We will then determine the placement of your system's modules and other components.  We will address all important architectural and potential shading issues, such as the physical look of your system and whether or not there are more suitable locations such as an awning, carport, or ground mount.

At this point in the process we will thoroughly analyze and update your final project design to make sure that it will accomplish the financial and energy goals projected in the initial assessment.  We include you in the process of designing your solar system to incorporate aesthetic considerations as well as performance and efficiency.

Sunergy System's professional Electrical Engineers perform a full-site engineering analysis of your facility to pinpoint and work out any challenges, so that no unexpected problems or budget overruns can develop.  For example: Is your utility feed tie-in robust enough to support your new solar power system? What is the best wiring route and sizing so your solar losses will be minimized? What about any current or future shading issues that might reduce your solar production? Will the roof support the load of your system? Does it need repairs before we install? Or is it time for you to replace your roof and what type will be most cost effective for solar?

Sunergy Systems prides itself on anticipating and solving all potential problems so the installation of your system is seamless and of the highest quality, along with ensuring your project stays on time, on budget and performs as promised.


Installation of a PV solar system is usually a simple process for a residential system; however, this is not the case for many commercial buildings which can consist of flat or metal roofs. It is imperative that the engineering and installation is performed by experienced professionals.  Furthermore, commercial building electrical systems require engineering expertise.

Our installation department is one the most experienced in the Northwest and has over a Mega-Watt of installation experience from commercial systems covering from 1,000 sq ft all the way up to 10,000 sq ft of solar modules.  Our satisfied commercial customers include Peninsular Power Utility District, K9 Korral, Shoreline Community College, Left Coast Cellars and Iwasaki Brothers Inc.

To ensure that the installation proceeds smoothly, with no unexpected costs and delays, Sunergy Systems carefully prepares and plans beforehand.  We conduct a detailed assessment and site audit that will result in the most possibly accurate engineering designs.  This important step will help avoid any potentially costly problems and setbacks during the installation, saving your company both money and time.  The expert installers at Sunergy Systems have both the requisite technical skills and successful project management experience to make certain that your installation goes smoothly.  Our highly qualified professionals have the ability to foresee potential issues before they cause any costly problems.

Permitting, Inspections and Incentives

Sunergy Systems makes your solar installation as seamless and easy as possible for your business.  We handle all of the state and federal incentive application paperwork, schedule all building, electrical and utility inspections; and prepare all the paperwork for utility and local permitting.

Follow Up

Maintenance of your company's solar system is virtually non-existent, because it contains no moving parts.  It is simply a matter of keeping the PV panels free of excess dirt and debris.  A solar PV system provides years of hassle-free service.  Sunergy Systems' service department is always on call to support the ongoing operation of your solar system.