Commercial Solar Incentives Washington

GOOD NEWS! Going Solar in Washington is Now More Affordable and Cost Effective than Ever Before!
Now is the perfect time to take advantage of a wide range of Washington State and Federal government incentive programs to offset your renewable energy system costs and make your solar electric system more affordable, cost effective and even more profitable than ever before!

Washington Commercial Solar Incentives - Solar power is one of the smartest investments that businesses can make.

Solar power allows your business to:

  • Control your energy costs
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Hedge against future utility rate hikes
  • Protect the environment

Now is a great time for your business to invest in solar power!

30% Federal Tax Credit - For systems placed into service, receive a 30% tax credit on the installed cost of your solar electric system until December 31, 2016, and then follows a reduction model which our consultant will explain in depth. 

Washington State 6170 Program - The State of Washington, in an effort to promote renewable electricity generation, is purchasing solar generation at $.15/kWh until July 2020.  If the inverter is manufactured in Washington state the $.15 is boosted to $.18/kWh.  Solar modules made in Washington earn $.36/kWh and if both models and inverter are made in WA you earn $.54/kWh.

Net Metering - All Solar electricity generated that is not used at time of generation will be fed back to the utility grid, so that your green power can be used by other people.  During these times your utility meter will actually run backwards so that you are credited for this power.  Your utility bill at the end of the month will be the difference of what you generated and consumed.  For those summer months that you generate more than you consume, these credits will be forwarded to you the next month.  Not only do you offset your electric bill by every solar kWh you generate, but you get the 6170 incentives for every single solar kWh even the kWh that you use!

5-Year Accelerated Depreciation for Businesses - Businesses qualify for a full 5-year Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation tax deduction on 85% of the entire cost of the system.

Increased property value - Installing a solar electric system adds resale value to your property and makes it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Regional Solar Incentives - Snohomish PUD

Home solar incentives & financing

Commercial PV Systems can receive a cash incentive of $300 per installed kW, up to $8,000.

Qualifications and Restrictions apply please contact one of our solar design consultants for more information on the Snohomish PUD incentives.

Solar Financing

Green Street Lending and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union offer great financing options.  Please contact a Sunergy Systems' solar design consultant for more information on regional financing options.

SunPower offers a 6 months "Same as Cash" financing option for the most powerful module on the market.  Sunergy Systems is a SunPower Authorized Dealer, and can offer the lowest price for SunPower products in the puget Sound area.  Talk to a solar design consultant about the "Same as Cash" option or other SunPower Specials.