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And the Solar Champion Award goes to Sustainable Ballard!

Jenny, of Sustainable Ballard, attended the last Go Solar Seattle Northwest workshop on the 9th of February. The Go Solar Seattle Northwest team, Community Energy Solutions and Sunergy Systems, were proud to present Sustainable Ballard with the Solar Champion Award for all the support they gave to the Go Solar Seattle Northwest program! Along with the plaque, a  $1500 check was donating to Sustainable Ballard through the Go Solar Seattle Northwest program! Thanks again to Sustainable Ballard for the support!

Sunergy installed 71.3kW Bainbridge Island City Hall community solar project fea...

Sunergy installed 71.3kW Bainbridge Island City Hall community solar project featured in Home Power Magazine. What is 71.3kW... how about 297 made-in-Washington Itek Energy solar modules!

Community PV = Clean Electricity + Profits | Home Power Magazine
The city of Bainbridge Island, Washington, has long been a progressive community with its efforts to preserve green spaces and control overdevelopment. Here, you’ll find solar-powered trash compactors, solar awareness campaigns sponsored by local residents, and even a net-zero neighborhood, with bui...

Sunergy System's Impact On The Environment And Economy In 2012


Sunergy experiences another banner solar year and thanks to all 122 customers who went solar with us in 2012, for a whopping 808kW installed solar capacity. To put this into perspective, these 122 combined solar energy systems will generate 22.7 mega-kWh’s of clean energy over their lifespans, while offsetting the equivalent of:

  • 46,185 barrels of oil
  • 59 million car miles driven (188 cars)
  • 221,800 pounds of acid rain emissions
  • 116,000 pounds of smog emissions
  • 37.5 million pounds of greenhouse gas 

Some of our featured installations for 2012 were:

  • The Bainbridge Community Solar Project featuring a 71.3kW Itek Energy system installed on Bainbridge City Hall
  • The Edmonds Community Solar Project featuring an 18.7kW Silicon Energy and Itek Energy systems installed on the City of Edmonds Frances Anderson Center
  • The new downtown Seattle, Elliott Bayview Apartments (LEED Silver Certification), featuring a 14.7kW SunPower system
  • We’re proud to see the Mini-Storage industry going solar featuring the 9.6kW North Pacific Mini Storage in Bainbridge Island, the 6.5kW Auto Mall Mini Storage in Olympia, the 12.5kW Sound Storage in Lynnwood, and the 9.6kW Bainbridge Heated Storage.

Since our humble beginnings back in 2005, 544 people have trusted Sunergy Systems to install their solar energy systems and we have just surpassed the 2.5 megawatt threshold! We feel honored that you’ve made us one of the most experienced and trusted solar energy providers in the Pacific Northwest. All of our employee-owners thank you for providing meaningful careers in a thriving renewable energy economy!

A New Economy, Living Wage Jobs And Invested Employees

Sunergy Systems is proud to have made the transition to an Employee-Owned Corporation at the end of 2012!

President Howard Lamb founded Sunergy Systems in 2005 with three primary goals in mind. The first goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions and practices to protect the environment, second goal is providing a world-class customer service experience for everyone they serve, and the third goal is to provide meaningful careers for those who share in the company's first two goals.

“Becoming an Employee-Owned Corporation has allowed our company to achieve all three of our primary goals. I am so excited to call each and every employee my business partner, because that is truly what they are!” stated President Howard Lamb.

As an Employee-Owned Corporation, Sunergy Systems has assembled a talented team of solar specialists and experts who are enthused by bringing about change and making solar happen. Sunergy Systems believes that having employees who are “both” owners and business partners fosters respect, ownership, strong work ethic, and creativity. There is no stronger character in a company than having employees who are sincerely invested, sharing common goals and the company's success.

This marks the beginning of a new economy, creating living wage jobs and meaningful careers, while providing every customer with a solar energy solution designed to perform and installed to last!


Solar Relief Fund Update

Go Solar Seattle Northwest raised $10,101 to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy through the Solar Relief Fund. A big thanks goes out to the 16 families who went solar as a part of the Solar Relief Fund and to all the contributors, Community Energy Solutions, Sunergy Systems, Itek Energy, Sunmodo, SunPower, SolarWorld and Silicon Energy.  

Ann Bodden, Major Gifts Associate for the American Red Cross Serving King & Kitsap Counties, said the Go Solar Northwest initiative was the only solar-tied fundraiser in this region. “It is wonderful to have a partner in the clean energy industry to raise funds for disaster relief," she said.

Ann Bodden attended the Go Solar Seattle Northwest's January 16th workshop to accept the Big Check on behalf of the American Red Cross. Representatives from Community Energy Solutions, Sunergy Systems, Itek Energy, Silicon Energy and Sunmodo joined to present the check. 

Tammy Deets of Community Energy Solutions, the non-profit organization leading the Go Solar Seattle Northwest campaign, said they are overwhelmed by the generosity and compassion of these leaders in the solar industry who donated funds for every family that went solar through the Seattle Northwest campaign by December 31, 2012.

"It shouldn't be surprising that those in the solar industry recognize the seriousness of climate change and how it is having a direct impact on people's lives," she said. "Solar energy is not only a long-term solution to stem climate change, but through the campaign's Solar Relief Fund, the industry is stepping up to provide some immediate help as well." Tammy Deets. 

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Our crews never stop!

Our crews never stop!

Fall 2012 Installation
Our crews never stop!

There really are some sunny days in winter!

There really are some sunny days in winter!

Winter 2012
There really are some sunny days in winter!

The NanoLight claims to be the world's most efficient light bulb, a 12 W LED bul...

The NanoLight claims to be the world's most efficient light bulb, a 12 W LED bulb that provides the equivalent of a 100 W classic bulb. Although it's $50 a bulb, the NanoLight can save the consumer around seven times the expense with it's 30,000 hour lifespan!

NanoLight claims to be world's most efficient light bulb
NanoLight are introducing three LED bulbs that will demonstrate that true 75 to 100-watt equivalent LED lighting can be achieved, within this relatively sma...

Awesome Aerial shot of a 6.1kW Silicon Energy system on Vashon Island!

Awesome Aerial shot of a 6.1kW Silicon Energy system on Vashon Island!

Check out this 5.1kW Silicon Energy System on a 2 story home with a 12:12 roof p...

Check out this 5.1kW Silicon Energy System on a 2 story home with a 12:12 roof pitch!! Our install crew is amazing!!