Sunergy Systems celebrates 10 years and our 1,000th Installation!

The Sunergy team will be celebrating our 10th year providing solar all over Washington State in July and we want to thank all of you for making us one of the State’s premier solar installation companies! Another big milestone is we’ll be the second Washington-based solar company to join the prestigious 1,000th solar installation club!

Sunergy Systems opened our doors back in 2005 and since then solar in Washington has grown from a sleepy industry of about 100 net-metered solar electric systems to the mainstream.  In 2005, there were a dozen or so solar installation companies, employing a total of around 50 people.  After a decade of growth and the inception of the WA solar incentive program, the State is now quickly approaching 8,000 systems! 

According to The Solar Foundation's 2014 State Solar Jobs report, Washington has 128 solar related businesses, employing over 2,400 jobs, and ranking Washington at 17th nationwide. The solar industry is one of the State's fastest growing job creators representing 28th in the State's employment ranking.    

Howard Lamb, Founder of Sunergy Systems says “We are honored to have been a key leader in the State's solar boom. During our first couple of years in business we'd celebrate at Hale's Brewery every time we had a customer go solar with us! Now here we are in 2015 with our 1,000th system being scheduled for installation in just a couple of weeks, which coincides very well with our 10-year anniversary! The solar industry is such a rewarding industry to have meaningful careers in, the relationship between excited customers and passionate solar professionals is truly amazing to witness, you don’t see this kind of synergy in too many other industries! This is one of the main reasons why Sunergy became an employee-owned corporation back in 2012, so each one of our employees truly feels like they are solar!”

Sunergy has also been an active supporter of the local Sustainable community and in April we hosted the 1st Annual Ballard Earth Day Street Party, a sustainably-themed street party to benefit long-time partner Sustainable Ballard. Sustainable Ballard President, Jennifer Heins “We're thrilled to be partnering with Sunergy Systems to celebrate sustainability in Ballard.  Sunergy has been a long time supporter and organizing this party as a benefit for Sustainable Ballard just goes to show what great neighbors they are."

One of the primary key’s to our success is making customer satisfaction our #1 priority! During the last year 30% of our installations have been referrals from people like you. Many of you have benefited from our SolarPass referral program which rewards you with $350 for everyone you refer to us that goes solar (3rd referrals and afterwards at $500 each).  Over the last year Sunergy rewarded our SolarPass referrers with $17,500! A big thanks to all of you for spreading the solar news, giving a solid plug for Sunergy, and for helping your friends reap the benefit of the State’s lucrative solar incentives.  And a huge thanks to our top three referrers:

  • Mr. C. Yockey
  • Mr. G. Austin
  • Mr. S. Kuo

For every referee you send our way we’re sweetening the solar pot. If they schedule a site evaluation with us we’ll make an entry for each one of your referees into our SolarPass $500 drawing to be held on July 31st! If you win the $500 drawing and if one of your referees goes solar with us then another $350, this could be a total of $850. If you happen to be one of our top referrers like C. Yockey this would be $1,000. So spread the word and share this post on Facebook to reap your solar rewards!

An Excerpt from one of our most recent customer's YELP review:

"I HIGHLY recommend Sunergy Systems. They are honest, reputable, trustworthy, caring, fair people. They have passion for what they do. I can't thank Chris enough for his time and dedication to my project. I told my wife last night that this besides our children, is the best decision we have made for our future and our earth. Thank you Chris, Alan, Mike, Melissa, Eric, and the other installers I did not meet on Monday. I really do appreciate everything and am so thankful I chose Sunergy Systems."

Tyson C., Bothell, WA 

The Employee Owners of Sunergy would like to share with you our Top 10 milestones:

  • 2005 (0 systems) – July 1st, 2005 Household Power is formed... yes that is what the company was first called.
  • 2006 (18 systems) – In March we install our first system!  Yikes, one sales every ten months is not looking like a good business model!  For the remainder of the year we install 18 systems so things are looking sunnier!
  • 2007 (49 systems) – Jon Lange, Steve Tedesco, and Mike Pogorzelski (AKA "Pogo") join the team to develop the NW’s best installation department. Pogo is now the company’s Site Surveyor, Steve has become one of our elite Solar Design Consultants, and Jon has stepped into the role of Company President.
  • 2008 (60 systems) – Household Power becomes Sunergy Systems and is a banner year for us as we take on some large projects like the 83.6kW Left Coast Cellars Winery in Oregon and the 23.9kW Tacoma Community College system.  Most of you have talked with Melissa Metcalfe who joined the team!
  • 2009 (74 systems) – Solar veteran Greg Williams joins the team! We install the Iwasaki Brothers 116.4kW system which is our largest to date.  Sunergy Systems settles into our current Ballard location.
  • 2010 (108 systems) – Sunergy launches the State’s first radio and TV solar campaigns which spreads the good news of solar more than ever before. We surpass one megawatt of installed solar energy with a total of 296 systems!  Chris Horne joins our Solar Design Team!
  • 2011 (114 systems) – Tim Fekete, Jason Duensing and Adam Cox join the Sunergy Team. Ask Adam about his short tenure on the installation team.
  • 2012 (129 systems) – Sunergy installs the Bainbridge City Hall 71.3kW Community Solar Project. Sunergy becomes an official Employee-Owned Corporation!!! Many of you remember the Exeltech inverter recall… yes we all survived it!!! Sunergy surpasses two megawatts for over 500 installed systems featuring the 22.8kW Edmonds Community Solar Project. The solar legend Chris Herman joins the Sunergy Team!
  • 2013 (159 systems) – We almost hit one megawatt for the year featuring the 32.4kW Valley View Sewer District and 31.9kW Aquaquip systems.  We were major sponsors for the NW Solarfest and Sustainable Ballard and within a couple of weeks will be installing our 1,000th system!!!  We have nineteen employee-owners and on any given day are installing solar at two to three different sites. Our sales team might be meeting with five different solar clients at the same time while our office staff on an hourly basis is educating new customers while providing customer service to our existing ones.
  • 2014 (184 systems) – SWe shatter the elusive one megawatt in a year milestone with 1.13 megawatts!