Solar Pass

With Sunergy Systems’ SolarPass referral program, everyone can reap the benefits of solar energy!  Regardless if you have already gone solar with Sunergy Systems or not, you can benefit from solar by referring interested solar candidates to us.  Our SolarPass is just the ticket to allow you to demonstrate your solar enthusiasm by being a Sunergy Solar Ambassador and rewarded every time one of your referrals goes solar with us.   

Join the SolarPass Referral Program and reap the rewards!  It’s easy!!!

Tell your friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone you feel would benefit from our products and services.  If the person you refer purchases a solar energy system from us, you get a reward! Once their job is completed and paid for, we’ll send you a gift card worth $350.

For our frequent Solar Ambassadors, we are enhancing our SolarPass program just for you!  Sure, the first two referrals will earn you $350 each, but your third referral is $500, the fourth referral is $500, and so on.

Refer a friend by emailing us at  Simply supply their name, phone number or email, and we will have one our Solar Design Consultants contact them in the next 24 hours.  Don’t forget to include your contact info so that we know where to send your gift card!  If you tell someone about us, make sure they mention your name when they first contact us.

*Rewards will be mailed out once a month following completed installation and final payment; please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  The SolarPass program is open to anyone who is not a Sunergy Systems employee or participant in a solar bulk buy program.  Sunergy Systems reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time. *Any Solar Ambassadors earning $600 or more in a calendar year will be issued a 1099 for tax reporting.