Community Practices

Sunergy Systems is much more than just a solar company, we are also a sustainable company that lives and breathes solar energy! We take our practices seriously, we recycle and compost everything, and use 100% recycled paper.

Our company’s primary value and mission statement is as follows:

"To provide sustainable energy solutions and practices to protect the environment, provide a healthy planet for current and future generations and to lessen our country's dependency on fossil fuels."

Sunergy Systems is also a business that gives back and actively supports the solar community. Our employee-owners are involved the following sustainable communities:

  • Solar Washington, Current Policy Chair and Board Member
  • Sustainable West Seattle, Current Treasurer and Board Member
  • Solar Energy International, Instructor
  • Sustainable Edmonds, Founding Member
  • Sustainable Ballard, Planning Committee 2013 Sustainable Ballard Festival

Sunergy Systems also actively supports the sustainable community:

  • 2012 Sustainable Ballard Festival, Event Co-Sponsor
  • Sustainable Ballard Fundraiser, Sponsored & Coordinated
  • Solar Washington, Gigawatt Sponsor
  • 2013 NW SolarFest, Gigawatt Sponsor
  • Hurricane Sandy Solar Relief Fund, Co-Coordinated and Sponsored

Sunergy Systems is also a supporting member of community organizations: Community Energy SolutionsFremont Solstice FestivalNorthwest EcoBuilding GuildNorthwest Energy CoalitionNorthwest SEEDPhinney Neighborhood Association

When considering purchasing a solar energy system, Sunergy Systems thanks you for factoring in our commitment and contributions to the sustainable community and solar industry into your informed decision!